4 Elements consulting is a specialist environmental consultancy based in Cairns, North Queensland. The company was established in early 2017 by Mellissa Brown on a strong research and project management background built from over 25 years in the industry.

4 Elements delivers solution science that provides a comprehensive, cost effective consultative service to commercial and government stakeholders within Australia and the Pacific. At 4 Elements we have local field experience and valuable connections in the communities we work. Our team members are knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional.


The qualifications of the 4 Elements Consulting team include:

  • Certificate IV in Adult Education;
  • Remote First Aid;
  • Spotter Catcher/Rehabilitation Permits;
  • Appropriate Animal Ethics Permits;
  • Boat Licence;
  • Senior Fire Warden Certification; and
  • Bio-condition Monitoring Training.


Mellissa Brown

Director/Principal Ecologist

Mellissa is the Principal Ecologist and Director of 4 Elements Consulting Pty Ltd. She is an environmental and project management professional with 20 years' field experience which includes expertise in wildlife research including Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) and ecological monitoring; project management, training and facilitation.
She has positively contributed in the private and public sector and has managed a broad range of complex, multifaceted projects including the renewable energy, mining, agriculture and research sectors. This includes leading multidisciplinary teams in challenging and remote locations. Currently, this project work extends from the Northern Territory to Queensland, Torres Strait and PNG.
In her role Mellissa liaises extensively with researchers, government agencies, industry sectors and community, and has developed strong relationships with regulatory authorities and management groups across the country.
Mellissa is continuously working to improve survey techniques and works with partner organisations to ensure that the best practice outcome can be achieved using the newest available solution science.

Ryan Hughes

Senior Ecologist/Botanist

Ryan Hughes is an Ecologist with 10 years’ experience undertaking both flora and fauna assessments across a variety of bio-regions throughout QLD, NSW and the NT. Ryan has worked on a broad range of major infrastructure projects including renewable energy, major linear infrastructure, mining, and residential development. With a special interest in botanical identification, flora survey and horticulture/plant biology, Ryan is deemed a suitably qualified person by the Qld Department of Environment and Science and has regularly performed as project lead in Protected Plant Surveys. Ryan has worked on a range of infrastructure projects delivering approval outcomes to clients and has applied his experience in rare plant propagation and translocation to facilitate approvals via project site threatened flora management. He has extensive experience with vegetation community monitoring, providing regional ecosystem verification and mapping, and rehabilitation and Bio Condition monitoring. Ryan’s other strengths include project management, and EVNT species management, with a particularly focus on both flora and fauna assessments. His knowledge of vegetation and landscape patterns helps inform a focused and efficient approach to targeted threatened species surveys.

Jade Coase


Jade Coase is an ecologist and project manager who has worked widely across Queensland for the past 8 years. In addition to his primary role at 4 Elements as a consultant ecologist, he provides technical support as a geographical information systems (GIS) analyst and cartographer. Jade draws on experience gained from a diverse range of projects including large scale renewable and linear infrastructure projects and mining operations to smaller scale surveys seeking local and state government approvals. Jade’s expertise extends to water quality and environmental monitoring, as well pest management and wildlife tracking within tropical northern Australia. Jade is a licensed fauna spotter and certified chainsaw operator allowing technical extractions of fauna and providing best practice fauna relocations. Jade operates Drones for 4 Elements and holds a commercial remote pilots licence under CASA . Jade’s strengths include a capacity to work in remote areas for extended periods, and a high-level knowledge of remote workplace health and safety procedures. He is an experienced communicator, liaising on site and remotely with clients, community stakeholders, traditional owners, government, and non-for-profit organisations.

Matthew Hemmings


Matthew is an experienced ecologist with a background in research within the tertiary education sector. He is currently working as a consultant ecologist specialising in both botanical and fauna survey. Botanical experience is largely focused on Regional Ecosystem and BioCondition Surveys with recent experience undertaking protected plant surveys (PPS) as required under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. Matthew has experience in targeted deployment of Song Meters and has specialist technical bat call expertise using the latest analysis technology across Northern Queensland. Matthew is an experienced terrestrial and marine fauna spotter with venomous snake handling experience providing services across remote areas of Queensland.

Susan Adamcyzk


Susie is an Ecologist with 10 years’ experience in Queensland conducting field-based research including targeted, baseline, and comprehensive fauna surveys. In addition, she has also co-developed and implemented long-term monitoring and research programs for some of the states most threatened species. Susie is interested in the positive impacts science-based management and conservation practices can make in the resource industry and is passionate about achieving successful implementation of these. She has technical expertise in fauna identification, GIS mapping, and spatial analysis, with an interest in environmental policy, climate change adaptation, human psychology and sustainability. Susie has been employed by the University of Queensland to teach animal biology, wildlife survey methods and ecological principles to undergraduate students and was engaged to train indigenous rangers in Cape York in fauna identification and survey techniques.

Patricia Harris


Patricia is a recent Earth Science graduate and is currently enrolled in a Master of Science at James Cook University, with an emphasis on Tropical Biology and Conservation. From this degree, Patricia aspires to develop the skills necessary to create sustainable and innovative solutions for conserving the natural environment and is motivated to gain experience in botany, ecology, zoology, evolution and behavioural biology from marine and terrestrial habitats. As a Cairns local, Patricia is particularly interested in being engaged in the sustainable development of the north and studying rainforest flora and fauna.

Dr Patrick Tomkins


Patrick is an ecologist who has worked extensively both in Queensland and throughout Australia. Over the last 10 years, he has worked as a researcher, a university teaching associate, and a field ecologist, which has allowed him to develop a broad skill set across a number of disciplines. Through his post-graduate work as a freshwater ecologist, Patrick designed and coordinated both lab and field-based experiments, gaining proficiency in freshwater survey techniques, water testing methods and laboratory-based studies. As a teaching associate and honours project supervisor at Monash University, Patrick gained experience as a science communicator and a mentor. More recently, Pat has worked as a field ecologist, gaining experience working with a range of taxa including mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, fish and aquatic invertebrates, with a particular interest in threatened species. He has conducted threatened fauna surveys in every Australian state, often spending extended periods of time in remote locations, and he has designed and implemented field studies investigating several iconic and endangered Australian species. Patrick is an experienced public speaker, having presented his research at a number of international conferences, and a practiced academic writer, with a number of first author, peer-reviewed journal articles. Patrick has also completed advanced courses in R, GIS and Photoshop, and is an award-winning wildlife photographer.

Raelee Kerrigan

Raelee Kerrigan


Raelee Kerrigan is the administrative officer for 4 Elements Consulting Pty Ltd. Raelee has worked across the Northern Territory and Queensland for over 25 years in the private and public sector as an administrator, researcher and field botanist. Raelee has had experience working with a broad range of people helping to organize field work in sometimes challenging and remote locations.

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