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Our accredited staff are experienced in undertaking the flora and fauna studies necessary to support development applications in Queensland and NT. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge to guide developers and government agencies alike to successful outcomes. Services include:

  • Terrestrial survey and assessment of flora and fauna.
  • Targeted flora and fauna surveys including collaring and radio- tracking of significant fauna species.
  • Habitat mapping of priority species and Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Development and implementation of threatened species management plans.
  • EPBC Act referral and assessments and environmental impact statements.
  • Regional ecosystem and bio condition assessments.
  • Translocation of conservation significant flora species.
  • Revegetation and rehabilitation/enhancement.
  • Biodiversity offset identification, assessment, and management.
  • Weed assessment, mapping, and management.

Radio Tracking for Wildlife Monitoring

4 Elements Consulting is experienced in the use of radio tracking technology as a method of monitoring animals within impact areas and ensuring endangered populations remain out of harm’s way during construction works in impact areas. These techniques are often used to determine the viability of a population where home range size, and behavioural data is limited.

For example, 4 Elements Consulting utilises this strategy as a management tool to avoid construction impacts on the endangered Northern Quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus) and other fauna in major infrastructure projects. These techniques and our experienced team can assist you to:

  • Demonstrate your activities do not impact conservation significant terrestrial fauna; and
  • Understand potential interactions between conservation significant fauna and the location of clearing or other activities.

Fauna Spotter/Clearance

4 Elements Consulting have an experienced team of staff that are all qualified to capture, release and translocate wildlife impacted by human activity in accordance with relevant permits.

The team have extensive experience in habitat assessment and will conduct preclearance surveys before works commence.

4 Elements Consulting staff can work with clients to provide site specific Species Management Plans and Fauna Spotter Guidelines.  Our team also have mine specific communications, safety and 4WD training with appropriate PPE and equipment.  Services include:

  • Preclearance trapping and translocation programs;
  • Preclearance Surveys;
  • Marine and Terrestrial Fauna Spotter Catcher/Rescue Services;
  • Nestbox installation and monitoring; and
  • Reporting.

Environmental Management

4 Elements Consulting is increasingly involved in the preparation of detailed environmental management plans and compliance activities for new and expanding developments.

4 Elements Consulting has the in-house capability to provide a full service in this regard for developments in industrial, commercial, urban, rural and natural areas.

Project Management

4 Elements Consulting Director Mellissa Brown has more than 25 years’ experience in the industry and has led many multi-faceted large-scale projects.  This spans construction and renewable energy projects, Environmental Impact Statements and recently to manage 28 marine research projects of the Tropical Ecosystems Hub, National Environmental Research Program (NERP) under the Department of the Environment and Energy.  Mellissa provides detailed project management, coordination and reporting guided by an understanding of project constraints and opportunities.

4 Elements staff discussing environmental impact survey report on site

Remote Field Work

The 4 Elements Consulting team has consistently worked in remote locations within the Cape York of Queensland, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Torres Strait and Western Province, PNG.  4 Elements Consulting has the capacity to provide the staff and resources for remote field work with the peace of mind that they are well equipped and confident in this environment. Our fleet consists of several 4WD’s, box trailer, camper trailer and equipment, swags, water and fuel containers, satellite phone, GPS and safety equipment, 19ft tinnie, and a variety of flora and fauna field survey equipment.  4 Elements Consulting can complete deployments over multiple weeks if required.

Recent fauna assessments in remote locations include Skardon River Bauxite Mine on the Western Cape York, Cloncurry in North Western Queensland, Archer River, Cape York and Torres Strait.

Environmental Education

4 Elements Consulting is experienced in the preparation, facilitation, and training of environmental programs in a community based non-government organisations and construction capacity. Services include:

  • Environmental awareness training to the construction industry including environmental duties on a work site.
  • Student environmental modules to assist with employment opportunities in pest management, for example.
  • Facilitation of environmental workshops.


4 Elements Consulting carries public liability, professional indemnity and workers compensation insurance.


The qualifications of the 4 Elements Consulting team include:

  • Cenv-Practitioners;
  • Certificate IV in Adult Education;
  • Remote First Aid;
  • Spotter Catcher/Rehabilitation Permits;
  • Appropriate Animal Ethics Permits;
  • Boat Licence;
  • Senior Fire Warden Certification; and
  • Bio-condition Monitoring Training.

Certifications & Industry Affiliates


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