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Targeted wildlife surveys in North East Queensland

By December 1, 2022Past Projects

The team has been on site for the past few weeks conducting targeted wildlife surveys on a previously unsurveyed cattle property. After reconnaissance missions revealed potential habitat for several vulnerable and endangered species, the team went back armed with camera traps and acoustic monitors to determine presence or absence of the endangered northern quoll, sharman’s rock wallaby and large-eared horseshoe bat, and the vulnerable bare-rumped sheath-tailed bat.

After covering a huge amount of territory on the extremely large property, camera trap images revealed a healthy population of sharman’s rock wallabies but, somewhat surprisingly, we found no evidence of northern quolls. Our acoustic recorders, however, revealed both large-eared horseshoe bats and bare-rumped sheath-tailed bats.

The team will be spending a lot of time at this property over the coming months conducting a suite of environmental surveys, including targeted and general flora, fauna and habitat surveys.

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