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Threatened Flora


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Threatened Flora Translocation

What is Threatened Flora Translocation?

Flora translocation is the deliberate transfer of wild plants, or their reproductive material (seed or cuttings), from a wild population to another suitable location (recipient site). The key aim is to establish a self-sustaining new population of the target species. After introduction to the recipient site, the material is periodically monitored and maintained, where required, until it can be considered self-sustaining. A self-sustaining translocated plant is one that can survive and reproduce in the wild without assistance or intervention from the translocation team.

When rare and threatened flora is present within a project site, translocation is often a key mitigation measure in the development approvals process.

We provide this service to companies in the private sector that are looking to meet their environmental approval conditions.

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Proven experience in the wet tropics

The diversity of flora in the wet tropics is huge! Because of this, a unique targeted approach based on the ecology of each species to be translocated is critical. Our team consists of qualified botanists with a background in horticulture and threatened flora identification and ecology. Our previous project experience resulting in translocations of numerous threatened flora species allows us to tailor an efficient and successful outcome for each unique project situation.

Our team regularly undertake vegetation assessments and flora translocation work within the North Queensland with broader experience extending out to the Northern Territory and New South Wales.

Find out how to get your environmental approval conditions met.

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Why Choose 4 Elements Consulting?

We have a proven record of translocating difficult plant species within north Queensland. This includes the translocation and re-establishment of federal and Qld State listed threatened flora. Most of the flora species we translocate have not been attempted previously and therefore rely on our team’s prior experience to achieve a successful outcome.

Within our own nursery facility, we trial and propagate numerous rare and difficult to grow species. These include the EPBC critically endangered Purple-flowering Wattle (Acacia purpureopetala), Prostanthera clotteniana and the EPBC Endangered Melaleuca uxorum. These are currently being grown on for reintroduction to suitable habitat providing important work in the understanding of these plants’ cultivation in addition to bolstering population numbers of species which are critically low in numbers.

Under one roof, our teams’ diverse botanical experience can deliver outcomes for translocation management plans from project concept phase to the permitting process and through to project completion and post translocation monitoring.

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