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Environmental Management Plan


Developing an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) will assist your business to minimise environmental impact, cut costs, and give you a competitive advantage.

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We help you reduce your impact and ensure compliance

Across the majority of sectors, companies are likely to have some impact on the environment. Under many contractual agreements, there is often a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure all federal, state and local government legislative requirements are compliant.

Your Environmental Management Plan (EMP) will assist your business to minimise environmental impact, cut costs due to improved sustainability, and give you a competitive advantage in demonstrating your company is a responsible entity. 4 Elements Consulting have extensive experience in developing EMPs, and providing ongoing advice and input as required to meet your specific requirements.

Who can we help

Regardless of the size or type of your business, we can help you manage your impact on the environment.

We help our clients understand, quantify and manage environmental risks within their workplace. Our process involves:

  • Consultation
  • Review of prior documents
  • Preparation of a plan specific to your companies needs

Our team carry a wide range of qualifications; ensuring you get expert advice and planning to address your environmental needs.

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The Process

Our process for developing an EMP which meets your requirements is as follows:

1. Review Your Impact & Risk

Discuss your companies’ environmental impact

What risks does your business have for the environment? This may be through potential of operations to result in pollution (E.g.  waste water, storm water, erosion, sediment, soils, air and noise pollution). These risks will be explored with the client through review of company documents to understand your operations, and meeting with key staff. Once these are identified, the risks for each are assessed and prioritised to ensure the most critical are assessed as priority. Involvement of key staff who will be involved in its implementation is critical during this stage.

2. EMP Preparation

Preparation of a draft Environmental Management Plan

4 Elements Consulting will prepare a document based on the information you have provided which addresses your environmental risks and provides mitigative measures to reduce these risks to ensure compliance. Specific actions will be outlined to minimise environmental impact. These are likely to encompass:

  • Planning that is required to reduce risk (e.g. improved storage of chemical);
  • Control of risks (e.g. regular audits); and
  • Actions plans/ procedures to follow in the event of an environmental risk occurring (E.g. procedures to follow following a spill).

Types of EMPs We Offer

  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Construction Environmental Management Plan
  • Vegetation Environmental Management Plan (Protection of significant vegetation)
  • Flora Management Plan (Protection of significant or threatened flora and habitats)
  • Species Management Plans (protection of individual threatened species of fauna)
  • Weed Management Plan (Management of spread of weeds)
  • Dieback Management Plan (Management of spread or introduction of Phytophthora dieback)
  • Hygiene Management Plan (Management of Weed, dieback and other pathogen)
  • And more

Key relevant project experience

Some examples of our recent EMPs were for:

  • Vestas Mount Emerald Wind Farm Construction EMP
  • Vasa Views Quarry EMP
  • Holloways Beach Groyne Construction EMP

Get your business compliant and reduce your environmental impact

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About 4 Elements Consulting

4 Elements consulting is a specialist environmental consultancy based in Cairns, North Queensland. The company was established in early 2017 by Mellissa Brown on a strong research and project management background built from over 25 years in the industry.

4 Elements delivers solution science that provides a comprehensive, cost effective consultative service to commercial and government stakeholders within Australia and the Pacific. At 4 Elements we have local field experience and valuable connections in the communities we work. Our team members are knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional.

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