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Bioacoustic surveys and monitoring

By May 28, 2019February 8th, 2024Recent News

Bioacoustic surveys and monitoring

Powerful Data Collection For All Vocalising Species

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Acoustic Remote Sensing of Wildlife

4 Elements Consulting provides bioacoustic surveys and monitoring of any species which vocalise in both Australia and overseas.

We provide this service to companies which require information on species which are often difficult to survey using more traditional methods. Bioacoustic sampling is often less labour intensive than traditional methods, and for many species provides much more powerful data than human searches. It is widely used for threatened species such as palm cockatoos, fig parrots, frogs and gliders and is applicable to any species which displays vocalising behaviour.

Trained in Advanced Techniques

Our two senior ecologists have undertaken extensive training in the latest capabilities of bioacoustics surveys with Mr Ted Pedersen, a leader in this field. Training encompassed acoustic recording deployment, experimental design for your target species, data processing and analysis techniques. We have successfully carried out this research now with a threatened frog, and are able to apply this method to a diversity of species.

Find out if our bioacoustic surveys and monitoring will help your project.

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How do these improved methods work?

Improving technologies is enabling environmental researchers and managers to utilise improved methods to detect and monitor our wildlife. One tool which is becoming increasingly more common is the use of acoustic recorders to detect species which actively vocalise. 4 Elements Consulting have ecologists trained in deployment of the most popular recorders, as well as identifying key species using acoustic remote sensing software.

This tool has been identified in a number of studies to greatly increase your chance of detecting rare species, and their deployment and analysis of acoustic data is significantly more cost effective than more traditional methods. We are able to assist with studies of key birds and frogs for our clients.

Certifications & Industry Affiliates

Why Choose 4 Elements Consulting?

We have completed training in the latest bioacoustics survey methods to provide the same high-quality data for your project, whereas, the vast majority of consultancy companies have not. Our staff have undertaken the most up to date training in equipment use, field methods and software for detection of species from recordings. We also have training in establishing automated signal detection for long term projects. Ted Pedersen (Australian expert in bioacoustics monitoring) believes that undertaking his program places his graduates in the top 2% of bioacoustic practitioners in Australia. Additionally, the method is likely to be more cost effective to the client, less intrusive and generate considerably better data than our competitors who are not utilising the most up to date technology for targeting vocalising species.


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