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Wet & Wild Out West – Putting the team’s recovery skills to the test

By January 5, 2023March 14th, 2023Recent News

Last week the team embarked on a reconnaissance mission out west, where a deluge of rain turned our field site (a large cattle property) into a quagmire. Black soil and rain are a dangerous combination, and the team’s recovery skills were pushed to the limit. Fortunately, the 4 Elements Consulting crew have vast experience working in adverse conditions, and they were able to successfully explore much of the property despite the heavy rain, revealing some pristine patches of open woodland. Sound recovery skills and the ability to work in adversity are prerequisites for any field ecologist, particularly in the extremes of far north Queensland, and we are happy to report that the team passed this test with flying colours.

The team will be spending a lot of time at this property over the coming months conducting a suite of environmental surveys, including targeted and general flora, fauna and habitat surveys.

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