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4 Elements Consulting discovers new population of endangered orchid

By October 18, 2023October 26th, 2023Past Projects, Recent News

During recent flora surveys, 4 Elements ecologists were delighted to find a thriving population of a very special plant, the swamp orchid (Phaius australis). Swamp orchids are listed as Endangered under both federal (EPBC Act) and state legislation (NC Act) and are considered a priority species at all levels of government.

Swamp orchids are spectacular, producing the largest flower spike of any Australian orchid. Unfortunately, this makes them highly sought after by collectors, and poaching has decimated wild populations. Other threats, including habitat loss and degradation, grazing by feral species, competition with invasive plant species, and fire, have also contributed to declines in swamp orchid populations, and the species now faces an uphill battle.

Discoveries like this are rare, and protection of these populations will be crucial to the ongoing survival of this species. 4 Elements Consulting has vast experience working with threatened plant species, including propagation and revegetation of fragile ecosystems, translocation of threatened species, and ongoing management of known threatened species populations.

If you are in need of a protected plant survey (PPS), a general flora survey or simply want advice about flora on your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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